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Field Guide to Stone Features of the Northeast United States is almost complete, and when it is, you’ll want to have it with you on your explorations. 

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In the Field Guide to Stone Features in the Northeast United States, Matt documents various types of stone features.

The guide will teach you how to investigate stone sites and to look for information invisible to the naked eye, that is, unless you know when to look. There are sun, moon, and star alignments that you can’t see unless you know where and when to look. You’ll discover why these alignments are there, what they mean, and you’ll be directed to tools you can use to locate and see them while you’re out in the field. You don’t have to be there on any certain day because you’ll have the knowledge and ability to see what’s there when you’re there.

Once you know what to look for and how to find alignments, your investigation abilities will sky-rocket. You’ll quickly find yourself discovering things that maybe no one has known the meaning of for literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of years!


“Some books will teach you what’s out there, few will show you, and none will teach you how to investigate them. Except this one.”


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To be released digitally as a 3D book on, and for download as pdf, mobi, & epub!


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  • “A top-notch researcher with an open mind and an ethical approach, Matt’s seen many types of sites around the Northeast and perceives larger patterns. His book will be a great source of information to both novice and experienced researchers.” 

    Derek Gunn
    Amazing Massachusetts
  • Having been out with Matt in the field, he’s helped me widen my knowledge identifying ceremonial stone structures and astrological alignments. I can’t wait to see his passion brought out in book form!

    Pete Waz
  • “Matt’s take-along field guide fills a gap by helping you identify stone features, using tools & techniques only recently available, to discover their purpose & meaning. Indispensable to amateur explorers and academics alike. A Must-Have!”

    Larry C.
  • I thought I’d just about seen and done everything in the woods, but then I met Matt. He’s introduced me to things I’ve walked by a million times and never thought twice about. Can’t wait to see all this in book form!

    Samantha Young
    Avid Hiker

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